The Trust makes grants within its main beneficial area of Northumberland and the old Metropolitan Borough of Tyne & Wear (i.e. all NE and SR postcodes and DH4/5). It also welcomes applications from the eastern Scottish Borders.

Grants are made across a wide spectrum for either revenue or capital funding. The main exception for which applications will not be considered covers medical research. The Trustees also exclude applications from charities where (i) the total of unrestricted and designated reserves (gross) exceeds £10 million (since they believe that, as these charities have greater resources available than the Joicey Trust, the application of the resources is a matter for the Trustees of those charities) and/or where (ii) incoming resources of the applicant charity exceed £1 million as any award would be a very small addition to these resources.

Grants are made to registered (or statutory) charities or to organisations that are registered charities that are prepared to accept cheques on behalf of another organisation: the full name, address and charity number of the receiving charity should be given on the application. Grants are not made to individuals (with the exception of those sponsored by an international development charity – individuals’ below.)

Trustees’ meetings take place twice a year: usually late January/early February and late June/early July.

Applications should be with the appeals secretary by 30 November or 31 May each year for consideration at the next Trustees’ meeting.

If your charity does not fully satisfy the above parameters but you believe that there are particular reasons why the Joicey Trust might be able to support your project, please email The Joicey Trust at to clarify or discuss your situation before submitting a full application.

The Trust is currently moving towards an internet based application process. A standard application form may be requested by contacting us . However, written applications will also continue to be accepted by post or e-mail. All applications must be accompanied by certain supporting papers and documents. These are explained more fully on the standard application form.

Individuals: The Trustees have limited funds available to assist individuals who are resident within the Trust’s defined area of benefit (as above) with small grants for international development projects where the individual is sponsored by a charity (e.g. Operation Raleigh, Restless Development etc.). Applications for these funds will only be dealt with by email through; they will be considered upon receipt, and will not be subject to the timetable of half-yearly meetings. The following basic details must be provided in the initial e-mail approach: the charity with which you will be working; a brief outline of what you will be doing (a longer description may be requested later); and the dates of your project.