This document explains how The Joicey Trust (Charity number 244679) handles data about living individuals

Why do we need your information?

The Joicey Trust exists mainly to provide grants that can make a difference and add value to the lives of local people and their communities within the previous Metropolitan Borough of Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, and the Borders Region of SE Scotland. It is a family trust that uses the income to make grants to charitable organisations operating in the above beneficiary area.

As a minor part of The Trust's activities, it provides grants to individuals from the beneficiary area who undertake overseas charitable activities for a minimum of 6 months 'in country'.

What personal data does The Joicey Trust collect?

Name, address and contact details for individuals applying and/or corresponding on behalf of an applicant charitable organisation and acting as a trustee, employee, or volunteer on behalf of that organisation.

Name, address, date of birth, education history collected by formal application form as supplied by the individual when making an application for a payment to a Charitable Trust when undertaking overseas charitable activities for a period in excess of six months within the overseas country and (normally) as part of a 'Gap Year'.

Name, address, and contact details of correspondent on behalf of an applicant within emails received.

These contact details are held as digital correspondence (i.e. emails) for communication purposes with regard to applications for and grants made to charitable organisations. Data is not generally held in the form of 'contact details'.

How do we collect your data?

All the information we may hold about you has been provided directly by you, or by an organisation supporting you with your consent. The majority of the information supplied is on the Trust's application form which is mandatory for all applications.

How do we use your data?

The main identifier is the charitable organisation and the collection and use of data relating to an individual only relates to their acting on behalf of that organisation – with the exception of personal applicants for overseas charitable activities as detailed.

Apart from the data collected from an individual re overseas charitable activities, all the data is used in relation to the Charitable Organisation with regard to grant making.

Grants re individuals are only made to a Charitable Trust on behalf of the individuals and the identifier is the name of the Charitable Trust that receives the grant and the name of the individual in (brackets).

The data is collected within a half yearly spreadsheet as a report to the Trustees for the purposes of assessing and making grants. The personal data within the spreadsheet is limited to the correspondent's name and correspondence address as given in the application form. No record of the email address or telephone number is recorded in the permanent data.

The spreadsheet is considered as a prime document for the purposes of processing applications but is not a financial document within the context of HMRC requirements for retention of records. However, the spreadsheets are currently retained indefinitely for reference purposes if required in future years. All other digital data (i.e. the application form, any other documents supplied, and digital copies of emails and letters) are, after a maximum period of 2 calendar years, transferred to off-line data storage.

The data is only shared with the Trustees and the Appeal Secretary of the Trust.

The data is not passed to any third party organisation.


If there are any queries concerning this notice, contact may be made via our normal correspondence address i.e. c/o Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP, One Trinity, Broad Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2HF or by email to